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Alice Eduardo Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Alice Eduardo is a popular businesswoman from the Philippines. She is the President and CEO of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation which is involved in the construction of power plants, roads, bridges, ports, and harbors across the country. The company has a AAA and Large B firm rating which indicates that they are eligible for billion peso projects.

Alice Eduardo

She has successfully handled the business on her own after working in her family business activities for a few years. The company has so far built around $1.5 billion worth energy infra projects in the country. She is one of the few businesswoman in the country who got such huge success in the construction and engineering field.

Apart from her construction business, she is also well known for her philanthropy and has donated about $1 million in different charitable activities. She has won numerous awards and recognitions including being named as one of Go Negosyo’s 50 Inspiring Women of Passion.


Alice Eduardo was born on the 20th of March 1965 in Philippines. Alice Eduardo’s current age is 57 years.

Wiki | Biography

Alice Eduardo hails from a super rich family. Her parents and other family members owned many businesses. They had garments exports business in Manilla and rice milling business in Bocaue. Apart from that, they were also involved in rice trading business. The family also owned a bowling center.

Alice was always interested in construction activities and she was fascinated to see how roads and bridges are built. She was keen to know how they construct buildings at a young age. She wanted to pursue her education in this direction, but her mother wanted her to become a doctor or nurse as she was in the medical profession.

Alice somehow convinced her parents to join a management degree and completed her graduation from University of Santo Tomas. After that, she was managing her family business for few years and later started her own construction company Sta Elena Construction and Development Corporation.


Alice Eduardo belongs to a business family. Her parents are Andres Eduardo and Elisa Eduardo. She has three siblings Melba Eduardo, Small Eduardo and Joel Eduardo. Her family is involved in garments exports, rice trading and many other business activities.

Boyfriend, Husband and Relationships

Alice Eduardo relationship status is single. However, she was earlier married to Noberto Vitangcol in 1994. However, they got separated later after it was discovered that he was already married in 1987. Alice has three children, Jacqueline, Jameson and Jessica from her marriage.

Physical Appearance

Alice Eduardo is 57 years old and has maintained her fitness with regular exercise and proper diet. She has medium length hair and small eyes with chubby cheeks. She stands at 5.4 feet tall and her weight is around 65 kgs. She is usually seen in business formal costumes due to her professional activities.


Alice Eduardo started her career by working in her family businesses. She handled rice mill and garments exports business for a few years to learn the practical aspects of business. After that, she started her own company in 1995 at the age of 30. She started off in a small way by entering the construction business with four cranes.

In the initial stages, she had rented the cranes and handled small projects. However, the business went into a loss as the economy was very slow at that time and the construction sector was badly hit by the recession. However, she did not shut down the business and continued to work on whatever projects she got at that time.

Alice found good success when she got the contract with a Japanese Construction company. They got the subcontract to build the foundation of power plant in Batangas. After that, she never looked back as the company went on to bag many road and bridge construction projects in the country.

The company also entered into big projects like building ports and harbors for big companies and they also handled many power projects across the country. She also deals in properties and owns many properties across the country. She has also done lot of charitable activities and very popular in the social circle of the elite members in the country.

She has won numerous awards in her career for her contribution to the society. In the year 2017, she was selected as People of the Year by PeopleAsia. Apart from that, she was also honoured with Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy in 2018 for her charitable work.

Net Worth

The net worth of Alice Eduardo is more than $50 million. She owns a mansion which is worth around $10 million. She is also a philanthropist and has donated more than $1 million in various charities. She has many properties and luxury cars. She is the owner of several top construction companies and also has other businesses.

Facts and Information

Alice Eduardo is one of the most prominent businesswoman of the country and she has contributed a lot to the society with her charitable work. She has also won numerous awards and recognition for her work.

However, Alice is also facing allegations about tax evasion from few sources. Even though nothing is proved in this regard, there are many rumours about such activities within her business.

Alice also maintains good relations with top celebs and politicians in the country. This lifestyle has attracted lot of media attention towards her business and personal life.

Alice Eduardo was married to Noberto Vitangcol in 1994 and had three children. However, she later discovered that he was already married to Gina Gaerlan in 1987. She was not aware of his martial status when she met him.

Alice later filed a bigamy case against Noberto and he tried to defend it saying his earlier marriage was void and not valid. However, he lost the case and was convicted of bigamy by the court.

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