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Bez Dancer Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Bez Dancer is the stage name of Mark Berry who is a percussionist, DJ and dancer from the United Kingdom. He is best known for his funny dance and entertaining music on stage shows. He is part of rock bands Happy Mondays and has performed with them for many years. He is also part of the Black Grape band. He is active since 1980.

Bez Dancer

Bez is very popular and a movie was made which had his character. The movie 24 Hour party People got good response and the character of Bez was played by actor Chris Coghill. Bez is now active on television and is part of Celebrity Chef by BBC in 2021. Apart from that, he is also likely to appear on Dancing on Ice reality series in 2022.


Bez Dancer was born on the 18th of April 1964 in Salford region of Lancashire, United Kingdom. Bez Dancer’s current age is 58 years.

Wiki | Biography

Bez Dancer hails from Salford region of UK. He attended school in Little Hulton and Walkden when he was young. At the age of 16, he moved to Wigan to stay with his grandparents and started his college career. There is not much information about his education afterwards. He however was interested in music and started working with Happy Mondays band at a young age in the early 1980s.

After the and broke up, he became a member of Black Grape band for few years. He quit the band in 1997 and later tried his career in television. However Bez again joined Ryder to restart Happy Mondays in 1998. But it could not continue long. He later ran into financial troubles and even went bankrupt. He made a comeback with Celebrity Big Brother in 2005 and even won the show.


Bez Dancer belongs to a middle class family from UK. His parents are from Norris Green region of Liverpool. Bez’s father worked in the police department as a Detective Inspector and his mother was a homemaker. He moved to Wigan at the age of 16 to live with his grandparents.

Girlfriend, Wife and Relationships

Bez Dancer had many relationships in his life. He has three children from his earlier relationships. His first son is Arlo Berry aged 30 years and Arlo is married and has a son. Bez’s second son is Jack Berry aged 28 years and his youngest son is Leo Berry aged 13 years.

Bez Dancer is currently engaged to Firouzeh Razavi aged 34. She is a personal trainer and singer with “Control the Storm” metal band in the UK. He met her during 2014 and has been going steady with her for many years. They got engaged in 2022 and plan to have a wedding in September 2022.

Bez had problems with his ex girlfriend Monica Ward in 2010 and had physically assaulted her due to an argument. He has a son with her. He was convicted for the assault and spent 4 weeks in prison for the attack. However, he has later resolved all issues with his ex girlfriends.

Physical Appearance

Bez Dancer is tall and his height is around 5.10 feet. He weighs around 80 kgs and has a lean muscular built. He is usually seen in funky costumes on stage to maintain a funny atmosphere. He has short hair and slightly protruded teeth. He is well known for his unique dressing style on stage.


Bez started his music career with Happy Mondays band in the early 1980s period. He was a good maraca player and added funny dance to his work to make it interesting for the audience. The band performed at various events alongside lead singer Shaun Ryder. Some of their singles like Freaky Dancin became very popular.

The band ran successfully for few years but it broke up. Bez later joined Black Grape along with Ryder and worked with them for few years. It came to a halt in 1997. Even though they tried to revive Happy Mondays later, it could not work and he stopped performing on stage for few years.

Bez later won the Celebrity Big Brother show in 2005 which helped him to get out of the financial mess as he was nearing bankruptcy at that time. He later started the TV show Pimp My Ride UK. He started promoting his earlier albums after that and restarted Happy Mondays for the third time in 2006.

Bez became active on Television after that and was part of Adrenaline Junkie aired on ITV2 in 2008. He also worked as a headliner DJ during 2014 and was part of many popular events. He is currently starting his new innings in life with partner Firouzeh Razavi and all set to marry her in 2022.

Net Worth

The net worth of Bez Dancer is around $2 million. He had lots of money from his stage performances in the past. However, he lost everything and was declared bankrupt twice few years ago. After that, he managed to recover and earn back some wealth. He currently owns few cars and a villa in the UK.

Facts and Information

Bez Dancer has an interesting lifestyle and he is deeply interested in brewing beer during his free time. Apart from that, he is also a beekeeper and loves to live close to nature.

Even though he is a popular celebrity, he suffered lot of financial problems after 2000 and even went bankrupt in 2005. He tried to get back but was again declared bankrupt in 2008. However, he has managed to make a come back and is now leading a steady life.

Bez had issues with his ex girlfriend Monica Ward and was convicted of assaulting her in 2010. He even faced prison sentence for four weeks due to this incident.

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