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Dominic Matteo Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Dominic Matteo is a renowned footballer from Scotland. He played in the midfielder and defender position throughout his career. He started professional career in 1992 and retired in 2009 at the age of 35. He played nearly 300 games in the Premier League. He has played for top teams like Liverpool, Sunderland, Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers and Stoke City.

Dominic Matteo

He was also a part of England Under 21 National Team for about 4 years from 1994 to 1998. In the year 1998, he was part of the England B National team. From 2000-2002, he was part of the Scotland National team. He suffered from injuries during the last stage of his career and finally retired in 2009

Matteo was a very good player who won six caps in Scotland. However, he got involved in gambling activities and this became an addiction for him. Along with this, he also suffered from alcohol problems in the later stages of his career. This lead to his downfall in a big way and he was even declared bankrupt in 2015..


Dominic Matteo was born on the 28th of April 1974 in Dumfries region of Scotland. Dominic Matteo’s current age is 48 years.

Wiki | Biography

Dominic Matteo was adopted by an Italian family at a young age as his biological mother was pregnant in her teenage and did not have proper income. Matteo’s adopted father was a football fan and he put Matteo into professional training at a young age. By the time, he was in school, he was already good at playing in different positions.

He started playing for YTS on contract basis at the age of 16. After that, he won professional contracts and also made his Premier League debut in 1993. He started playing for top teams like Liverpool during the 1990s. In 2000, he was part of Leeds United and played with the team for nearly 4 years. After that, he became the team captain.

In 2009, he retired due to injury problems and other issues. He published a book titled In My Defence in the year 2011. Interestingly, he made several interesting revelations in his book and also claimed hat he was bankrupt in 2015 due to gambling addictions. He had debts to the tune of $1 million at that time due to his gambling addiction.


Dominic Matteo’s biological mother is Margaret and she was pregnant at the age of 17. As she had no proper income and support at that age, she put Dominic Matteo up for adoption. He was initially named Stephen. Dominic Matteo’s adoptive parents are Albert Matteo and Marie Matteo. His adopted father supported him to take up football as a profession as he was deeply interested in European football.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Dominic Matteo married Jessica Matteo in 2018. The couple have a son named Luca. Jessica Matteo is a ballet dancer and she also runs a business in Scotland. She has been very supportive of Dominic Matteo and took care of him when he suffered from brain tumor in 2019. She mentioned in an interview that he is re-learning to read and write after the surgery.

Physical Appearance

Dominic Matteo is very tall and his height is around 6.2 feet. His weight is around 90 kgs and he was very fit during his prime years as a football player. He is usually seen sporting short hair style and is seen in casual clothing. He was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2019 and later recovered after a surgery.


Dominic Matteo initially started his career with Birkdale United when he was in high school. He later moved to Liverpool on a contract basis and played with them for many years. In the year 1993, he made his debut in the Premier League and had about 13 appearances in the tournament. He later joined Sunderland in 1995 for a brief period.

After that, he was back to Liverpool and played with them till 2000 when he was sold to Leeds United. He made about 155 appearances for Liverpool in his career. He was part of Leeds for a long time and also became the team captain. In the year 2004, he joined Blackburn Rovers on a contract basis for three years. After that, he joined Stoke City in 2007 and later became the captain. However, he suffered lot of injuries at this stage and retired from the game.

In his 17 year long career, he has played in more than 366 matches in the League and Cup level. Interestingly, about 276 of them are in the Premier League. He was a huge asset to Scotland and won 6 caps in his career. He has even published a book about his life and career titled In My Defence that was published in 2011.

Net Worth

The net worth of Dominic Matteo is around $1 million. He was a leading player for Scotland for many years and had a great career with good earnings. However, he was addicted to gambling and also suffered from alcoholism. This led to his downfall and he was declared bankrupt in 2015. He managed to recover later and earn some good money.

Facts and Information

Dominic Matteo’s life is very interesting and had lot of twists since his childhood. He was born to a teenage mom who put him up for adoption. However, he was lucky to get supportive parents who helped him to become a football star.

After having a wonderful career, he got involved in gambling activities which spoiled his health and financial status. He had huge debts in 2015 and also went bankrupt. He has mentioned that he also suffered from alcohol addiction at that time.

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