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Fred Ridley Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Hight, Net Worth, Family

Fred Ridley is an eminent golf player and administrator who is famous for being the Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club. Interestingly, he always remained an amateur player and never made any attempt to become a professional golfer. However, he managed to win the US Amateur in 1975. His full name is Fred Scobie Ridley.

Fred Ridley

Fred Ridley currently holds the position of Chairman at the Augusta National Golf Club which was earlier held by Billy Payne. He assumed office in 2017 and has rendered excellent service to the organization in these years. Fred had earlier participated in some major championships including US Open, Masters Tournament and The Open Championship in the 1970s.

In the year 1975, he won the US Amateur championship and became very famous. In the same year, he was ranked at the second spot in the amateur category by Golf Digest magazine. The next year in 1976, he managed to win the Monroe Invitational championship. Apart from that, he has also played in British Amateur, British Open and Walker cup in the late 70s period.


Fred Ridley was born on the 16th of August 1952 in Lakeland region of Florida, US. Fred Ridley’s current age is 70 years.

Wiki | Biography

Fred Ridley grew up in Lakeland during his early childhood. He completed his primary education from his hometown and later joined Winter Haven High school in Florida. After that, he completed his under graduation from the University of Florida. He also holds a law degree from Stetson University College of Law.

The most interesting thing about Fred Ridley is that he is the last amateur champion in the US to not become a professional golfer. Even though he had the talent, he always kept it as a hobby and continued with his law profession. Apart from that, he also earned a good name for himself as a gold administration due to his legal skills.

Ridley has held important positions in his long career. He worked as the President of US Golf Association in 2004 and also served as treasurer and vice president for a brief period. He was also inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame by the University of Florida. He later joined the Augusta National Golf Club as a competition committee chairman and later became the Chairman in 2017.


Fred Ridley was born in a middle class family in Lakeland region of Florida. His father worked with a small business and his mother was a homemaker. He also has few siblings. However, Fred Ridley has not mentioned any details about his family members in his interviews.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Fred Ridley is married to Elizabeth Herndon. She is an active partner in most of Ridley’s businesses since many years. The couple have three children Libby Ridley, Sydney Ridley and Maggie Ridley.

Physical Appearance

Fred Ridley is an amateur sportsman and has good fitness even at this age. His height is around 5.8 feet and he weighs around 70 kgs. He has grey hair and maintains a clean shaven face most of the time. He is usually seen in formal clothing as he holds official position in many firms and sports associations. When he is on the ground, he is seen in semi formal attire.


Fred Ridley started his career in golf when he was in college. He was part of the local golf team that won the NCAA National Tournament in 1973. He later completed his graduation in Marketing from Florida in 1974. He started playing major tournaments after that and won the US Amateur in 1975.

In the prelims, he defeated Curtis Strange and Andy Bean and managed to defeat Keith Fergus in the final stage. He was ranked at No. 2 position in the amateur category in that year by Golf Digest. In 1976, he won the Monroe International tournament and played at the British Open. He managed to attain the 10th position in that year in the amateur category.

He was part of British Amateur tournament in 1977 and won the Walker Cup in the same year. Fred did not neglect his studies in between and managed to get his law degree from Stetson University College of Law in 1977. After that, his main focus was on legal activities and administration tasks. He played few tournaments like British Amateur, Walker Cup, Elsenhower Trophy in the late 80s.

Net Worth

The net worth of Fred Ridley is around $10 million. He is involved in active sports since many decades and won lot of prize money as a player. Apart from that, he also holds important positions in sports associations. He is also a good businessman and has invested in many law firms and other construction businesses in the US. He owns several villas and luxury cars.

Facts and Information

Apart from making a good name for himself in the world of Sports, Fred Ridley is also involved in many businesses and he is also a professional business lawyer. He is also one of the partners in the International Law firm Foley and Lardner LLP.

Fred Ridley remains the last amateur golf champion in the US to not take up professional golf career. This has surprised many people but Fred has no regrets as he completely enjoyed his career as a golf administrator and lawyer.

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