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Gino Jennings Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Hight, Net Worth, Family

Gino Jennings is a Christian Leader and Pastor who is mainly famous for his controversial debates and sermons. He is the founder of First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ based in Philadelphia and has branches all over the country. He has even spread out to several countries around the world in recent years.

Gino Jennings

Gino has rejected the conventional approach of Christianity and says that women need to be rejected in church clergy. Apart from that, women are not allowed to participate in many other activities of the church and they should also follow proper dress code. Other such restrictions on women has invited controversies from several corners.

Interestingly, Gino Jennings is also a businessman and works in the real estate sector handling commercial and residential properties. He along with his wife deal in many such businesses and earn money apart from their church related activities. Gino has even claimed that he does not use the money of the church for his personal activities.


Gino Jennings was born on the 10th of February 1963 in Philadelphia region of US. Gino Jennings current age is 59 years.

Wiki | Biography

Gino Jennings belongs to a traditional Christian family based in Philadelphia US. He did his primary education from his hometown and later got involved in the activities of the church. His great uncle had a church in his hometown and his father worked as the Bishop of the church. Gino started assisting his father in his activities at the church.

Gino Jennings later became assistant pastor of the church and started giving sermons among the local Christian community. He became popular over the years and his speeches attracted many people towards the church. His sermons were telecasted in local cable networks and also on some christian TV channels.

He later moved out of his uncle’s church due to some controversies and started his own church based on Oneness Pentecostalism. Gino Jennings has now spread across the world and has more than 200 functionaries supporting his church. The FCOOLJC is now spread across more than 20 states in the US.

Full NameGino Jennings
Date of Birth10-Feb-1963
Age59 years
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Zodiac sign / Sun signAquarius
Famous ForNA
Educational QualificationsNA
Years ActiveNA


Gino Jennings comes from a family of Pastors and Bishops based in Philadelphia. His father Ernest Jennings worked as a Bishop in Gino’s great uncle’s church. Gino’s mother is a home maker. Gino is the 4th child in the family and has 7 siblings in total. Gino was heavily influenced by his family at a young age and started participating in church activities since childhood.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Gino Jennings is married to Darlene Gayman Jennings who was a fellow member of his church. She now handles real estate business along with Gino. The couple got married in 1990 and have 3 daughters and 4 sons. Their children are not part of the church and they are allowed to work on their own professions.

Physical Appearance

Gino Jennings is very tall and his height is around 6.0 feet. He is also well built and weighs around 85 kgs. He has a clean shaven head most of the time but sports a moustache. He belongs to the Afro American ethnicity. He is usually seen in formal suits for public appearances and wears the traditional dress when he is working as a Pastor in the church.


Gino Jennings started working as an Assistant Pastor in his great uncle’s church during his teenage years. He had good communication skills and started giving sermons and lectures among the christian community events. He became famous in no time and his speeches were telecast in some TV channels and local cable networks in Philadelphia.

He took a different approach from the traditions of the church and sometimes even criticized few aspects of the church. His uncle suspended him from giving sermons and he was not allowed to participate in the church activities for few months. Gino later came back but his behaviour did not change and he had a controversial approach which rejected women from many activities of the church.

Later in 1984, Gino Jennings along with his father came out of his uncle’s church and started his own organization. The First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ FCOOLJC. He followed the Oneness Pentecostalism and made strict belief system in his church that sidelined women in many activities.

He has a controversial understanding of religion and has even rejected the usage of the term “Christianity”. He instead prefers to call it Holiness or the Religion of Holiness. In this way, he has attracted the attention of people and media across the country. He even called women who wear makeup and jewelry in church as prostitutes.

However, the popularity of Gino Jennings continues to soar as he has been growing his church at a rapid pace. He has established his church in more than 20 states of US and also in several other African countries. He publicizes his sermons through his own Youtube Channels and also associates with other Christian TV channels.

Some of the strict rules that invited controversies about his church include women not allowed to cut or trim hair and they need to use headcovering while in church. Apart from that, women are not allowed in church clergy and they are restricted to supporting tasks. Girls above the age of One should cover their hair and are not allowed to wear pants. Even men are not allowed to wear short dresses in public.

Net Worth

The net worth of Gino Jennings is around $3 million according to sources. He does real estate business along with his wife across the country and deals with both commercial and residential properties. He has disclosed that he does not take any money from his church and earns through different means. He owns his lavish church along with many villas and cars in Philadelphia and other states of the US.

Facts and Information

Gino Jennings has also published a book titled “Holy Scriptures First Church of our Lord Jesus Christ”. He has lot of controversial topics covered in this book.

When he was a teenager and giving sermons at his uncle’s church, he was suspended many times for going against the ideology of regular Christian churches. Gino later started his own church due to this reason.

Gino Jennings often invites other pastors to have open debates about religious topics at his place and broadcasts such events to Television channels. He also promotes them through his Youtube channel.

Gino’s church is very huge and can accommodate more than 2000 people at once for the sermons and other public events. They have strict code of conduct and women have lot of restrictions with regards to dressing and behaviour in the church.

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