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Hubert Hurkacz Age, Wiki, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Hubert Hurkacz is a well known professional tennis player from Poland. He is famous for becoming the highest ranked Polish tennis player in singles history when he attained the No 9 position at ATP rankings in 2021. He has won five ATP singles tournaments. He is also the first player from Poland to win ATP Masters 1000 title.

Hubert Hurkacz

He is also a doubles player and has attained a career high ranking of No 30 in 2022. He is currently undergoing training under Craig Boynton. Hubert plays right handed and uses both his hands for the backhand shots. At 6.5 feet, he has a good advantage with his height that helps him to cover the court quickly.

In the year 2022, he holds the 10th position at ATP rankings. He has also played doubles and won 4 career titles. He has a current ranking of No 37 in the doubles category. He can serve as fast as 151 mph on most occasions. He is also the main brand ambassador for Yonex which has sponsored him for many years.


Hubert Hurkacz was born on the 11th of February 1997 in Wroclaw region of Poland. Hubert Hurkacz’s current age is 25 years.

Wiki | Biography

Hubert Hurkacz hails from Poland and has a family history of sports personalities. His mother introduced him to tennis as she was a junior level player earlier. After that, he got interested in the sports and took professional training. He had good talent even when he was young and was ranked at No 29 at the Junior level.

After entering into the professional level, he was amongst the top 100 players in the world in 2018. The first big victory for Hubert came in 2019 with the ATP title at Winston Salem Open. Interestingly, he is an all court player and has a good serve. He is also good at baseline defense and can also play serve and volley on some occasions.

Hubert is in great demand for sponsors across Poland. Yonex is the main sponser for the player and he is also associated with other brands like LOTOS, Grupa Lotos and McLaren. He is also interested in car racing and is regularly seen at Mclaren events in Poland.


Hubert Hurkacz currently stays in Monte Carlo, Monaco. His father is Krzysztof Hurkacz and his mother is Zosia Maliszewska Hurkacz. Both of them were teachers but later took interest in sports. Hubert’s mother played Junior level tennis and was ranked at No 1 during her younger days. Hubert’s sister Nika who is ten years old is also a tennis player.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Hurbert Hurkacz’s relationship status is single. He is currently focused on his career and there are no rumours about his affair. His Instagram and other social media pages also do not have photos of him with other girls.

Physical Appearance

Hubert Hurkacz has the looks of a model. He stands tall at 6.5 feet and weighs around 90 kgs. He has a slim outlook and goes to the gym regularly. He has short hair and maintains a clean shaven face. He is very handsome and has good demand to endorse different products and brands in Poland.


Hubert Hurkacz made his first entry into the ATP league with French Open in 2018 and tasted his first success in that year. After that, he entered the US Open and the Next Generation ATP finals tournament. He was nominated for ATP Newcomer of the Year Award in 2018.

The next year was better as he won the first ATP title in 2019. He participated in Maharashtra Open and Canberra Challenger. After that, he was part of Australian Open and Dubai Championships. In 2020, he got his first Masters doubles title and also made an entry into the top 30 rankings.

The tournaments were cancelled in 2020 due to Covid pandemic and he resumed his training with Craig Boynton in Florida. After that, he was part of Cincinnati Open and US Open, French Open.

In the year 2021, he won his first masters singles title and also entered into the top 10 rankings in ATP.  He also won the title at Miami and participated in the Halle Open. He was also part of the Summer Olympics and entered as seventh seed. After attaining world ranking No 9, he became the highest ranking Polish player in ATP ranking history.

In 2022, he continued his good form and got his second masters doubles title. Apart from that, he also won the first ATP 500 title and managed to stay in the top 10 ranking in singles and top 30 ranking in doubles category.

Net Worth

The net worth of Hubert Hurkacz is around $10 million. He has won millions in prize money in the last few years. Apart from that, he is also the brand ambassador for Yonex in Poland. He is also associated with Mclaren Car Company. He owns several luxury cars including Mclaren sports vehicles. He also owns several properties across Poland.

Facts and Information

Hubert Hurkacz belongs to a family of sportsmen. His grandfather played volleyball at the International level for many years. Apart from that, his uncles also played tennis at the professional level.

Hubert has turned vegan in the last few years and strictly follows vegan diet. Interestingly, he did not like salads and veggies during his childhood days. However, he now eats salads easily on a daily basis.He was deeply interested in cars since a young age. He is associated with Mclaren now and is regularly seen in their events riding the top cars of the company. He also hopes to get behind the wheels of Mclaren at the racing track in the future.Hubert has turned vegan in the last few years and strictly follows vegan diet. Interestingly, he did not like salads and veggies during his childhood days. However, he now eats salads easily on a daily basis.

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