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Hurby Azor Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Hurby Azor is a well known musician and music producer who hails from Haiti. He is best known for hip hop productions like Salt N Pepa. Apart from that, he has also produced videos for Kid N Play in the rap genre. Hurby is a musician himself and has worked on the keyboard for some of his productions.

Hurby Azor

Apart from that, he was also a singer in his early days even though he did not pursue it full time as a profession. He started production in 1982 and became famous after working with the hip hop duo called Super Nature. However, they were renamed later as Salt N Pepa and became very famous.

Azor dated Salt for few years and also performed in some of Salt N Pepa’s videos like Push It. He was seen in the backup vocals group and also handled the keyboard for the album. Apart from that, he also worked as a song writer for few of Salt N Pepa’s videos.


Hurby Azor was born on the 26th of September 1964 in Port de Paix region of Haiti. Hurby Azor’s current age is 58 years.

Wiki | Biography

Hurby Azor was born and brought up in Haiti. There is not much information available about his childhood and education. He has also not revealed much about his family members. However, it is well known that Hurby’s brother Steve Azor is also a music producer and worked on few albums alongside Hurby.

Hurby was always interested in hip hop and jack swing genres from his younger days and this influenced his work as a producer.  He also worked on the Keyboard for few albums and wrote songs for Salt N Pepa.


Hurby Azor belongs to Haiti and he did his primary education from his hometown. There is not much information about his family members but he has a brother named Steve Azor who is also part of music industry. Hurby and Steve Azor have both worked together for many music videos.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Hurby Azor’s relationship status is single. He is not married but had an affair with Rockstar Salt for about four years from 1984 till 1989. Their relationship came to an end after he had a baby with another woman. There is not much information about Hurby’s girlfriend and child.

Physical Appearance

Hurby Azor belongs to Afro American ethnicity and has natural black curly hair. He stands tall at 5.8 feet and weighs around 65 kgs. He has a slim appearance and maintains a casual outlook on most public appearances. He sports a beard once in a while to change his outlook. He is also seen wearing a cap and blazing jackets for few concerts.


Hurby Azor started his career by working as a musician. He was good at keyboard and worked for few bands in the initial stages of his career. He got interested in production and soon started looking out for new talent to launch his albums. It was then that he discovered Salt N Pepa who became very famous in the mid 1980s when hip hop culture was at its peak.

The popular Salt N Pepa group first started their work with Azor and recorded The Show Stoppa album which became a huge hit in those days. Apart from that, Azor also produced Dana Dane, Kwame, Sweet Tee and many other popular artists during that period.

Azor is also well known for working on the music video Push It by Salt N Pepa. He was the writer and also performed in the background vocals and keyboard for the album. He was also the writer for Lets Talk About Sex single. Hurby later produced Snow’s single titled Anything for You in 1995 and this became the biggest selling song of the year in Jamaica.

Net Worth

The net worth of Hurby Azor is around $10 million. He was a big producer and has worked on popular albums in the past. Apart from his then girlfriend Salt, he has also produced music videos for many other top artists in the music industry. He owns several luxury cars and villas in Haiti and other regions of the US.

Facts and Information

Hurby Azor reportedly dated Salt for a few years but the relationship ended after he had a baby with another woman. He is not married and remained single after that breakup.

Hurby Azor’s brother is also a producer in the music industry and he has also worked alongside Hurby for some of this top projects.

He is not active on social media and there is not much information about his personal life after he slowed down his production activities. However, Hurby’s brother Steve is on Instagram.

Hurby Azor is also known by other names like Herby, Fingerprints and Hurby Luv Bug.

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