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Jami Ferrell Age, Wiki, Biography, Hight, Weight, Net Worth, Family

Jami Ferrell is a renowned model and actress who is famous for her appearance in Playboy magazine. She hails from Indiana region of US and has worked in few mainstream movies as well apart from being a Playboy model for many years. She was seen in the movie Voluptuous Vixens and It is fine, Everything is Fine.

Jami Ferrell

Interestingly, she started her career as a nanny after she landed in Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. She struggled to get offers in the initial stages as she did not have any backup in the industry. She auditioned for many movies and also tried her hand at modeling. Finally, she was recognized by Playboy and was featured on the magazine cover in 1997.

Jami Ferrell became very famous as a Playboy model and she attained good success in the next few years after her debut with Playboy in 1997. She was even seen in some Playboy videos and had millions of fans who adored her beauty. She was also part of few movies but usually got small roles in most of those projects.


Jami Ferrell was born on the 20th of June 1974 in Muncie region of Indiana, US. Jami Ferrell current age is 48 years.

Wiki | Biography

Jami Ferrell hails from Muncie, Indiana and started her primary education from her hometown. After completing her high school, she moved to California to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. She was always fascinated with the fashion and film industry in Los Angeles and did not further continue her education.

She did odd jobs in the early stages of her career to support herself. However, she was able to get success with her modeling career after she landed an opportunity with Playboy magazine. This magazine was very famous among men in the 1980s and 90s period. The magazine had erotic content and it attracted millions of viewers at that time.

Jami Ferrell became a successful model and she was chosen as the Playboy model of the month on many occasions. She acted in several videos of Playboy and became very famous during the 90s period. Apart from that, she also did small roles in some mainstream movies in the late 90s.


Jami Ferrell belongs to a middle class family based in Indiana region of US. She has not mentioned anything about her parents in any of her interviews. She is a private person and does not interact much with the media. She moved away from her family at a young age and stayed alone in Los Angeles.

Boyfriend, Relationships

Jami Ferrell was briefly married to Sam Simon who was a Television Producer. He had produced the popular series Simpsons. The marriage happened in 2000 but only lasted for about 3 weeks. She got separated and was later rumoured to be dating founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner. Apart from that, she was also dating Actor Jack Nicholson for some time.

Physical Appearance

Jami Ferrell was known for her awesome beauty. She had a good height and stands tall at 5.8 feet. Her weight is around 55 kgs and she had a slim appearance. She had blonde hair but used to colour it depending on the role. She had millions of fans during the 1990s when she was a Playboy model.


Jami Ferrell completed her high school education from her hometown and left for California to pursue her modeling career. She initially worked as a nanny in Malibu to support her career. After auditioning for many roles in movies and doing many photoshoots for modeling projects, she got her big break with Playboy Magazine in 1997.

She was the Playboy Playmate of the month in 1997 and this put her name in the mainstream model category in Los Angeles. She also featured in the cover page of Playboy and many other adult magazines at that time. She was also seen in the Playboy: Playmate Profile video collection series for many years.

She was also part of the project Playboy: Fast Women and was also on the Playboy calendar for 1998. Playboy also made many videos in the adult entertainment niche and she was seen in Voluptuous Vixens which gave her good name in the industry. She had millions of fans for her beauty during the late 90s period.

In the year 1999, she was seen in Playmate Erotic Adventures by Playboy. Apart from that, she was also part of other projects like Roommates and Playmates in Red which was released in 2002. She was also seen in Slippery when wet and Unwrapped which were big projects of Playboy productions.

In the year 2002, she was part of Barefoot Beauties and Boat Trip. After that, she was not much in action and later made an entry with the movie It is Fine, Everything is Fine in 2007. This was a mainstream independent film in which she had a decent role. She moved away from the fashion industry after this and focused on her personal life.

Net Worth

The net worth of Jami Ferrell is around $4 million. She was a top model in her prime years and also acted in few movies. She has made good money through her work in the entertainment industry. Apart from that, she has also invested money in other businesses. Jami owns many luxury cars and villas in California and her hometown.

Facts and Information

Jami Ferrell was very popular in the late 90s period and had millions of fans who subscribed to Playboy magazines and videos.

Jami’s marriage with Sim Simon lasted only for three weeks and they separated due to differences. She never married after that even though she dated few men from the entertainment industry.

Before getting success as a Playboy model, she worked at many outlets and did small jobs. She also worked as a nanny for many years during the early 90s when she was struggling in her modeling career.

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