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Javon Walton Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Biography, Family, Girlfriend

Javon Walton is an American actor and boxer who has worked in several Hollywood movies. He is just 15 years old and has won Georgia State Championship in boxing for 5 times. Apart from that, he has also won USA Boxing Southeast Regional Championship for 4 times. He started boxing at the age of 4 and mastered the art quickly to get good success.

Javon Walton

His father is also a boxer and this helped him big time to attain success at a young age. Javon was properly trained since the age of 4 in both boxing as well as gymnastics. He  was also featured in the 2018 advertising campaign for Mohammed Ali Collection. In the same manner, he also got sponsored by Under Armor at the age of 10.

Wiki | Biography

Javon Walton was born on 22nd July 2006 in Atlanta Georgia. He is a child prodigy and has won several boxing events at a young age. He is also a professional gymnast and plans to represent his country in the 2024 Olympics. He started boxing at a young age of 4 due to the influence of his father who is also a professional boxer and trainer.

Javon got good success in boxing events and went on to become Georgia State Champion for 5 times. Apart from that, he also got good opportunities in movies and made a good name for himself within a short duration of time. He made his debut with the HBO series Euphoria in 2019. He was only 13 years old at that time.

Family, Girlfriend, Relationships

Javon Walton belongs to a Christian family based in Atlanta Georgia. His father DJ Walton is also a boxer and he regularly trains Javon and his siblings in boxing and gymnastics. Javon’s mother Jessica Walton is a housewife. Javon has two brothers named Javon Walton and Daelo Walton. Apart from that, Javon also has a sister named Jayla Cookie Walton. He is still too young to start dating and does not have a girlfriend or other relations.

Physical Appearance

Javon Walton looks very cute and has a unique hair style like his dad. He usually chops off the side portions and only keeps a short crop on top. As he is actively involved in sports, he maintains short hairstyle. His height is around 5.2 feet and he weighs around 50 kgs. He is very strong and also flexible as he regularly does boxing and gymnastics. He has an athletic built and regularly goes to gym to maintain his body.


Javon Walton started learning boxing from his father at the age of 4. Apart from that, he also got professional training from other masters. This helped him to become 5 time Georgia State Champion at a young age. In the same way, he also became 4 time USA Boxing SouthEast Regional Champion.

He got good recognition in the boxing field and was sponsored by Under Armor at the age of 10. Javon happens to be one of the youngest boxers in the country to get such recognition in the boxing field. He is also well trained in gymnastics and has won several medals in this category. He is in full swing to train hard so that he can represent US in the upcoming Olympics event.

Net Worth

The net worth of Javon Walton is nearly $2 million. He is part of several big profile boxing campaigns including the Mohammed Ali Collection in 2018. He has been working as an actor since few years and also takes part in boxing events on a regular basis. Javon is the favourite for many brands and he advertises them on his social media accounts to earn good money. He is also featured on the cover of several magazines in the past. His father takes care of his endorsement and other financial dealings as Javon is still a minor.

Facts and Information

Javon Walton has achieved a lot of success at a young age as an actor and boxer. He is training hard to be part of the Olympics 2024 team and wants to represent his country in the boxing and gymnastics category.

He was only one among the seven young boxers who was promoted by Under Armor as the NEXT at a young age. At the age of 10, he was sponsored by Under Armor and went on to be part of several big campaigns with top legendary boxers and celebs.

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