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Joe Choong Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Joe Choong is a modern Pentathlete who hails from United Kingdom. He is famous for winning the Gold Medal at the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020. The British pentathlete also has a younger brother who is in the same sport and participated in Junior Olympics. Interestingly, Joe Choong has a degree in mathematics.

Joe Choong

Joe’s major success came in 2018 when he won the Silver medal at Mexico. He participated along with his team in that event and got good success. He has continued the success streak in recent years and managed to win a Silver Medal for himself at the 2019 Budapest Event.

The London based Pentathlete has continued his good form even in 2022 as he has recently won Silver medal at the Bulgaria world cup. Apart from that, he has also won the Gold Medal at Modern Pentathlon World Cup in Ankara Turkey in 2022. He was also appointed as MBE which stands for Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2022 for his impeccable contributions to the world of modern pentathlon.


Joe Choong was born on the 23rd of May 1995 in Orpington from South East London. Joe Choong’s current age is 27 years.

Wiki | Biography

Joe Choong did not have conventional education in his childhood and joined Independent New Beacon and Whitgift School. After that, he got a degree in Mathematics from University of Bath. Interestingly, he was involved in different sports activities since a young age and became well known in his college days.

He started participating in top events after winning many medals at the local level. The last few  years have been very good for him as he managed to get the Gold Medal for his Team in 2019 at the European Championships. Apart from that, he even participated in the Budapest Event in 2019 and won Silver and Bronze medals for himself and his team.

The recent changes at the UIPM has hurt Joe Choong badly and he has made a statement that he would quit modern pentathletics if horse racing is removed from the game. The governing body instead wants to introduce obstacle racing into modern pentathleton and this has become a controversial move in recent months.


Joe Choong hails from a family of Doctors in London. His father is a Malaysian born in China, Michael Choong and his mother Beverly hails from UK. Joe Choong also has a younger brother named Henry Choong. Interestingly, Joe’s younger brother is also a professional modern pentathlete and has participated in Olympics at the Junior Level.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Joe Choong is very shy about his relationships and has not spoken anything in this regard in his interviews. He is rumoured to be dating his college mate but he has not confirmed anything about the relationship. He is unmarried and his official relationship status is single.

Physical Appearance

Joe Choong is very tall and his height is around 6.0 feet. He has a muscular built and his weight is around 85 kgs. He has a fair complexion and looks very handsome. He is usually seen sporting short hairstyle and has a cute smile. His height is a good advantage for him in different sports activities.


Joe Choong started his professional career in modern pentathlon since his college days. At the age of 15, he won the European under 16 modern pentathlon title and he was the first British citizen to win the title. In 2013, he managed to win the British Junior Championships and also the GB Open Title.

He managed to the same titles in 2014 also by scoring a total of 1484 points. along with his team, he even won the Gold medal. The 2016 Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne UIPM world cup tournament held in Rio put Choong in his career best ranking of 13. In the same year, he made his debut at the Rio Olympics but managed to get the 10th place.

The year 2018 was crucial for him as he won silver medal along with Myles Pillage and Jamie Cookie at the Mexico event. He backed it up with a silver medal at 2019 World cup event at Bulgaria. Along with his team, he won the gold at European Championships. Choong got the gold medal at Sofia World Cup in 2021. Apart from that, he won the first ever gold for a British man at Tokyo Olympics.

Net Worth

The net worth of Joe Choong is around $2 million. He has won several world championships in recent years and made lot of money through endorsements. He is one of the most renowned penathletes in the country and earns lot of money from contracts. He owns several luxury cars and a villa in London.

Facts and Information

The governing body of modern pentathlon UIPM recently decided to remove horse racing from the tournaments permanently and replace it with obstacle racing. This controversial move was opposed by Joe Choong and many other athletes.

Joe Choong recently announced in 2022 that he would quit modern pentathlon if the UIPM went ahead with their controversial decision. He was fully supported by many other renowned athletes in this category.

Joe Choong’s younger brother Henry Choong is also a professional modern pentathlete and he has even participated in the Junior Olympics in recent years. Interestingly, both siblings are professional sportsmen while both their parents are doctors.

Joe is not too active on social media even after being a popular athlete. He is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but does not update regularly and maintains a low profile in public. He is also not too open about his personal life in front of the media.

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