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Kadeena Cox Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Hight, Net Worth, Family

Kadeena Cox is a popular athlete from England. She is famous for setting several records even after suffering from disability. As an able bodied athlete, she did wonderfully well in many competitions. However, she suffered from Multiple Sclerosis in 2014 and later moved to paralympics category.

Kadeena Cox

She is honoured with Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2017 for her contribution to the country. Her disability has not stopped her from reaching her goals. She has set many records and won many Gold medals even after hre disability. Apart from that, she has also participated in many TV shows and become a celebrity in recent years.


Kadeena Cox was born on the 10th of March 1991 in Leeds region of England. Kadeena Cox’s current age is 31 years.

Wiki | Biography

Kadeena Cox belongs to a middle class family based in England. Her parents migrated to England from Jamaica before she was born and started working in England. Kadeena started her primary education in Bracken Edge Primary School in England. After that, she joined Wetherby High School and started participating in many sports events.

As she had good physique and speed, her coach suggested that she participate in different sports activities. She got into sports activities at a professional level at this stage and also completed her graduation in Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University. She got good success at an early stage and was offered sponsorship by many brands.

She won several medals in the early stage of her career and was doing great till a personal tragedy hit her life. In 2014, she suffered symptoms of Stroke and was hospitalized for few months. However it was diagnosed later that she had Multiple Sclerosis. However, this could not end her career and she started participating in the paralympics competitions and set many records.


Kadeena Cox comes from a middle class family based in England. Her parents are migrants from Jamaica. Kadeena also has a younger sister. However, she has not revealed much about her family to the media. She stays with her family in her hometown.

Boyfriend, Relationships

Kadeena Cox is still unmarried and her relationship status is single. There are no rumours about her affair and she is more focused on her career. Apart from that, her disability is also one of the reasons she is avoiding getting into a relationship.

Physical Appearance

Kadeena Cox is of Afro American ethnicity and has natural curly hair. She usually keeps her hair short and often colours it regularly to change her outlook. Being a professional athlete, she is very concerned about her fitness and has muscular appearance. She stands at 5.7 feet tall and her weight is around 60 kgs.


Even though Kadeena Cox played many sports in her high school days, her professional career in sports started a little later. She began competing as an athlete in many many regional competitions in the under 17 category. she won several medals in the 100 m events which motivated her to take up the game seriously in the long run.

In the year 2007, she participated in the England Athletics Open Championships in the 60 m category and won the bronze medal. In the same year, she was also part of the Manchester Open and participated in the 200 m category winning the bronze medal. At the BUCS Championships in 2012, she set a personal best record in the 200 m category.

This was followed by many opportunities and she broke the 12 second barrier at the Northern Athletic Championships by setting a record of 11.97 seconds in the 100 m category. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with health problems in 2014 as she suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. She shifted to the paralympics category after this incident to continue her career.

Kadeena Cox is now categorized as C2 track cyclist and T37 track and field athlete in the 2016 Summer Paralympics organized in Rio. She managed to win Gold in the T38 400 m category and got a Silver medal in the T35 relay race. She managed to get a Bronze medal in the T38 100 m race. She was even honoured to become the flag bearer for England at the closing ceremony event.

Kadeena is even good at cycling and won Gold medal in the British National Track Championship in 2015. In the year 2016, she got another Gold medal in the 500 m category at the UCI Para cycling Track World Championship. She set a world record of 37.456 seconds in that tournament.

Apart from her sports career, she also made many appearances on television and participated in Celebrity Mastermind in 2016. She also won the Celebrity Robot Wars competition in 2016. She was also part of BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef in 2021. Apart from that, she also participated in the Celebrity reality show titled Im a Celebrity Get me Out of Here in 2021. The survival reality show got good ratings in recent months.

Net Worth

The net worth of Kadeena Cox is around $3 million. She has participated in several international tournaments including the Olympics and earned lot of money in her sports career. Apart from that, she also makes TV appearances on different shows and earns money from such programs. She owns many luxury vehicles and also has a villa where she stays with her family.

Facts and Information

Kadeena Cox had an interesting career in the last ten years. In 2014, she initially suffered symptoms of stroke and was hospitalized during a tournament. She got treatment for nearly 4 months and was back on track.

However, she again suffered similar symptoms and it was later diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. This condition affects the brain and nerves and can cause many symptoms according to experts. This incident pushed her into the para athlete category.

Kadeena Cox stands as an inspiration for many athletes and other people who suffer from disabilities. She has set many records even after suffering from disability and won several medals for her country.

She has openly discussed about her health issues in the media. She has also mentioned about her eating disorders even though she is very fit.

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