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Maher Zain Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Maher Zain is a renowned singer, songwriter, and music producer from Sweden. He was born in Lebanon but moved to Sweden when he was very young. He is mainly known for his Islamic genre music and has conducted many shows across the world. He had earlier produced R&B music and other popular forms of music.

Maher Zain

Maher Zain’s birth name is Maher Mustafa Maher Zain. He is well known for his album Thank You Allah which was released in 2009. This album became very successful across the world and won him many fans within a short duration of time. Interestingly, this was his debut album even though he had earlier worked in the US producing music for other artists.

After the huge success of his debut album, Maher released yet another album in 2012. This album was titled Forgive Me and it was also based on Islamic genre music. The album was produced by Awakening Records which had also produced his first album. Recently in the year 2016, Maher Zain came up with his third album titled One.


Maher Zain was born on the 16th of July 1981 in Tripoli region of Lebanon. Maher Zain’s current age is 41 years.

Wiki | Biography

Maher Zain hails from a middle class family based in Lebanon. When he was 8 years old, his family moved to Sweden. Maher completed his education in Sweden and became an Aeronautical Engineer from a reputed university. However, his inclination towards music did not allow him to work in other field.

He was closely associated with RedOne who is a popular music producer in Sweden. Maher Zain moved to the US in 2006 and started producing music for other artists. He worked with RedOne when he was in Sweden and also joined him in New York for his music production work. He had produced music for popular artists like Kat DeLuna in the US.

Maher Zain follows Islam religiously and was too much influenced by his faith. This prompted him to give up his career as a music producer and he started composing songs with Islamic influence to spread the faith among the youth. He used contemporary R&B music style for the religious songs and it became very famous.


Maher Zain hails from a conservative Muslim family based in Sweden. His father’s name is Mustafa Maher and he has not revealed the name of his mother who is a homemaker.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Maher Zain is married to Aicha Ameziane since 2009. The couple have three children named Abdullah Maher Zain, Aya Maher Zain and Yasmine Maher Zain. They currently live in Sweden along with Maher’s parents.

Physical Appearance

Maher Zain is known for his handsome looks.  He has a cute smile and looks very attractive on stage. He maintains a clean shaven head and regularly wears cap for most of his public appearances. His height is around 5.8 feet and he weighs around 70 kgs.


Maher Zain studied Aeronautical Engineering during his graduation in Sweden. However, he was deeply interested in music and soon started working with Moroccon based music producer RedOne. He even went to the US and worked there for few years. Zain produced music videos for other popular artists in the US.

After coming back to Sweden in 2009, he started working with Awakening Records. This time, he moved away from music production and started focusing on composing and song writing in line with Islamic faith. His first album was named Thank You Allah which was released in 2009. The album had 13 songs and it became a huge success all over the world.

The team also released two bonus tracks later in the same year and it also had percussion versions of few songs. As the album had become popular in many other countries, the makers also released French versions of few songs. The album got huge success through social media promotions and the makers promoted the album on Facebook, iTunes and Youtube.

The promotional activities of the makers got good results as the songs became very popular in Arabic and Islamic countries around the world. Maher Zain became the most searched celebrity on Google in Malaysia after the release of the album. The album also got similar response from Indonesia which has a good number of Islamic followers.

In the year 2010, Thank You Allah was the highest selling album in Malaysia. Apart from that, it was also certified multiple platinum by Sony music and Warner Music in Malaysia. Even though the original songs were in English, Zain later sang few songs in French, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian and Malay languages to boost the reach of the album.

Zain also collaborated with other artists like Irfan Makki who hails from Canada and has roots in Pakistan. They worked on the song Allahi Allah Kiya Karo in Urdu. They also performed many concerts around the world and got resounding response in US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In 2011, he released Freedom song which was inspired by the fan following and other events during his tour to Arabic nations. His popularity grew big time in Muslim nations and he was chosen as Muslim Star of the year in 2011 by He was even featured on the cover page of Emel magazine which is a popular Muslim lifestyle magazine.

Net Worth

The net worth of Maher Zain is around $5 million. He has earned lot of money through his concerts and television appearances. He is a popular icon among the Muslim community around the world and has millions of fans. He owns several villas and luxury cars in Sweden.

Facts and Information

Maher Zain is very popular in many other countries apart from Sweden. He has fan clubs in Malaysia, Egypt and Morocco. He has done many concerts in these countries in the last few years.

Maher Zain is also very popular on social media. He has his Youtube channel where he posts about his concerts and other activities. He has close to 7 million followers on Instagram and is also active on Twitter and other platforms. He has more than 4 million fans on Facebook.

In the year 2013, Maher was part of the judging committee to select the new star for Awakening Records. They had organized the talent contest Awakening Talent in Sweden that got good response from the audience.

In 2010, Maher Zain got Best Religious Song award for Ya Nabi Salam Alayka on Nogoum FM which is a popular music station based in the Middle East region.

Maher is also known for his charitable activities and raised funds for Islamic Relief in Canada to help typhoon victims of Philippines. He was also part of Syrian relief project through Sound of Light event.

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