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Neeru Deshpande is a chairperson of the famous information technology company Infosys. Her real name is Sudha Murthy. She came into the limelight due to the allegation that she a little girl who posed as a model in the Parle-G biscuit cover. Although India Today Anti-fake Newsroom (AFWA) denied the allegation and report published to the public that the little girl who appeared in Parle-G biscuit is only a graphic image and she is not Neeru. The product manager of Parle-G group, Mayak Shah, declared that the allegation of the girl featured in the cover or all any allegation was made by Everest creative by a corporation within the ’60s. From her childhood, Neeru Deshpande was brilliant in her studies.

Neeru Deshpande

She always holds rank in her academic activities. Apart from the chairperson, she is a good writer. She achieved a gift from a great scientist Late APJ Abdul Kalam. She is the first lady who joined as a former employee of TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company. Due to her excellent work, she was also awarded as the best employee of the organization. Whatever responsibility she takes she complete with full dedication and hard work. she also has experience in the area of development engineer and as a Senior Analyst.

Wiki | Biography

Neeru Deshpande was born on 19 August 1990 at present she is 71 years old as of 2019 she was born in, Shiggaon, Haveri, Karnataka, India which is a beautiful place. Her hometown is Nagpur. She grownup in Nagpur with her family. Her Sun Sign is Leo. She completed her student tomorrow in town and then enroll in college for completing her B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She was good at studies used to take participate in various academic competitions. After completing her education she started to search for a job. Though she has good knowledge of her related field she succeeds in getting the job. She has great work experience which helps her to manage one of the great infotech company Infosys. Now she can handle her work effectively because of her experience and knowledge in the related field. She also participated and was interested in group activities. Her advice and decision on a particular matter help the company to achieve great success in this competitive world. She acts as a second hand for her husband and supports him in any decision made. Which makes their bonding strong and they together manage their company works.

Family, Religion, Relationship

Neeru Deshpande belongs to a well-settled and educated family. Her parents support her in her every field of life and after marriage, her husband allowed her to use her experience and work in any field she wants. A father is doctor R.H. Kulkarni. Professionally he is a great Surgeon and her mother’s name is Vimala Kulkarni she is a housewife. Neeru Deshpande loves family very much and She takes every decision after consulting with all the members of her family. She follows the Hindu religion. She respects all religions and customs. She worships daily and prays for well being of people. She is a kind-hearted lady with great enthusiasm. She married N.R. Narayana Murthy is a great industrialist. The couple has two children one boy and a girl. The name of the boy is Rohan Murthy and the daughter’s name is Akshata Murthy. Both children are well mannered and respect and support their parents in every matter.

Physical Appearance

Neeru Deshpande beautiful lady who used to wear simple sarees. She simplicity wins the heart of people. She looks decent and elegant in her simple look. She is the perfect example of beauty with the brain. She always wears a smile on her face. Every color suits her. She has beautiful black eyes and brown hair. She has glowing and shinning skin. Although she is 71 years old she looks young instead of her age. Her height is approx. 5’3” and her weight is around 65 kg. In her free time, she does yoga and exercise. She inspires others also to do yoga and exercise as it has many health advantages both physically and mentally. She always uses organic and chemical products on her face. Neeru Deshpande mostly wears a saree and post her photos on her Instagram and Facebook account.


  • She is a chairperson of the well-known infotech company info. She holds important meetings and conferences with the companies employees.
  • She loves doing social activities and do charity work and also help the NGOs.
  • She started working after her graduation. Hence she has great knowledge and experience in the field of development engineering and also as a senior system analyst.
  • Due to talents and hard work she was awarded by great scientist APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • She works as a former employee in TATA engineering and locomotive company. No other female had joined them before her. She was the first woman who started working in this company.

Net Worth

Neeru Deshpande is a very settled lady and earning sufficient to live her life comfortably with her family. The main source of her income comes from her job. Know she is experienced and hold holds lots of knowledge so she earns a good sum of salary. The approximate income of her is 3 lakh rupees which going to increase in the future. She has a beautiful house and assets.

Lesser known facts about Neeru Deshpande

  • Neeru Deshpande is an excellent writer. The name of her few books are The Mother I Never Knew (two novellas), Three thousand stitches, The Man from the Egg, Magic of the lost temple, Here, There, Everywhere, How I Taught My Grandmother to read. Her novels are liked by the audiences and the content of her every book is excellent.
  • Neeru Deshpande loves to spend her free time with her family members. She used to go with them to dinner and explore new places with them
  • She used to share her photos on her social media account.

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