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Selina Scott Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Selina Scott is a renowned journalist, newsreader and television presenter from England. She has also produced television shows. In the peak of her career, she has worked with The Sunday Post, West 57th, Sky News, Sunday Mail and other prominent organizations. She has also worked for ITN’s News at Ten and few programs of BBC.

Selina Scott

Selina Scott was one of the most talented television presenters of her time and many channels competed with each other to get her on board. After working with ITN, she was given a good offer by BBC. She was bold enough to speak against gender discrimination in organizations like BBC.

The first government authorised satellite service BSB managed to give a good offer to Scott. After that, she worked with Sky network of Rupert Murdoch. As a producer, she developed many documentaries on the Royal Family in England. She did interviews with King Juan Carlos of Spain and Prince Charles.


Selina Scott was born on the 13th of May 1951 in Yorkshire region of England. Selina Scott’s current age is 71 years.

Wiki | Biography

Selina Scott did her primary education from Laurence Jackson School in North Yorkshire region. She later did her graduation from University of East Anglia where she studied English and American Studies. She later started her career in journalism with leading organizations like The Sunday Post. After that, she also became the press officer for the Highlands and Islands Tourist board on Isle of Bute.

Selina Scott later moved to television industry and hosted news programs for ITV station Grampian Television. After that she got good offers from British Television and joined ITN as a newsreader. She worked there for nearly two years and later joined BBC for the Breakfast Time program in 1983.

After that, she hosted several other programs for the BBC and also started producing some documentaries and other TV shows. She even made a documentary on US President Donald Trump which ran into controversy. Trump threatened the channel with legal cases if they published the documentary and it was sidelined for these reasons.


Selina Scott is a private person and has not revealed much about her parents. She has four siblings and Selina is the eldest among them. Her brother Robin is editor of Sporting Gun magazine. She has three sisters named Angela, Venessa and Fiona. Fiona is a fine art portrait artist.

Boyfriend and Relationships

Selina Scott has not revealed much about her personal life to the media. There is no information about her relationship and family members.

Physical Appearance

Selina Scott was very beautiful in her prime years and had lots of fans. She was even auditioned for a role in a James Bond movie. She had short blonde hair and an attractive smile. Her height is around 5.4 feet and she weighs around 50 kgs. She was a beauty with talent and attracted many people with her presentation skills.


Selina Scott started her career in journalism after her graduation and worked for many leading publications including The Sunday Post. However, it was her television career that made her famous all over the world. She was hired for ITN initially and worked in that company for over 2 years. After that she moved to BBC and stayed with them for many years during the 1980s.

Selina’s stint with the BBC started in 1983 and went on for many years. In the year 1986, she became the host of The Clothes Show and it ran for 2 years. She was also a guest host on Wogan which was a chat show where she interviewed biggies like Prince Andrew and Ginger Rogers.

She got a very good offer from Sky network owned by Rupert Murdoch and was seen covering the election news in 1992. At that time, she started producing documentaries on the Royal family and became very famous. She was also hired by CBS of the US and she interviewed Donald Trump in 1995 for a documentary.

The documentary ran into controversy as Trump asked them to not publish some content of the documentary. After that, she was back to England and signed a contract with Sky network. She also worked for BBC Two programs like The Underdog show in 2007. Recently in 2018, she was part of BBC’s The Real Marigold Hotel in Rajasthan.

She is also known for her charitable activities and is the President of Malton Food Lovers Festival and Charles Dickens Society. She is also a Patron of Animals Worldwide and National Star College. She has also published an autobiography A Long Walk in the High Hills: The Story of a House, a Dog and a Spanish Island in 2010. She was given Honorary Doctorate from the University of Huli in 2012.

Net Worth

The net worth of Selina Scott is around $10 million. She hosted many television programs and produced many documentaries and TV programs. She worked for top channels like Sky network and BBC. Selina has a 200 acre farm. She also has many businesses in the US and England. She owns many villas and luxury cars in England.

Facts and Information

Selina Scott is a brave women and she is not afraid of controversies. She had interviewed Donald Trump in 1995 and the documentary turned controversial after Trump threatened the channel to stop the documentary.

She had even complained about gender inequality in organizations like BBC and said that the management did not do much even when she complained about the issue.

Selina Scott was also auditioned for a small role in a James Bond film during the 1990s. She said that the director made her sit in a tall chair so that he could get a good view of her body. She created lot of controversies with her bold statements.

She is also an animal welfare activist and has a 200 acre farm for this purpose. She had even sued Channel 5 for age discrimination issues in 2008.

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