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Stephanie Land Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Stephanie Land is a popular author and public speaker from the US. She is famous for her best seller book Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s will to Survive which was later made into a miniseries titled Maid and aired on Netflix in 2021. The book was written in 2019 and became one of the best sellers of the year.

Stephanie Land

Interestingly, she struggle hard before finding success and was even staying in shelter homes for few years during her struggling days. She had a bad relationship in her twenties and became a single mother with no proper income. She depended on food stamps and other aid provided by the government before getting her degree in 2014.

However, She got good opportunities to work as a freelance writer after her graduation and moved to a better home. Her big success came with the best selling book in 2019 and she became very famous across the country. She got good opportunities to write articles for many leading newspapers and magazines in the US.

Stephanie Land is also a well known public speaker and has given lot of speeches about the issue of poverty in the US. She has also authored many articles related to maid service in the country and how they are paid low wages and given lots of work. Her own experience of working as a maid for few years has helped her to gain first hand experience of the situation.


Stephanie Land was born in September 1978 in Washington. Stephanie Land’s current age is 44 years.

Wiki | Biography

Stephanie Land belongs to a middle class family based in Washington. She has not mentioned too many details about her parents and childhood. She did her schooling from her hometown and was involved in a major car accident when she was 16. Unfortunately she went into post traumatic stress disorder after the incident.

She was not able to complete her college education when she was young and later suffered a lot due to lack of work opportunities. She also had her first child with her boyfriend in her twenties and struggled a lot due to poverty. She even stayed at shelter homes with her daughter for some time.

Meanwhile, she worked hard and completed her graduation from University of Montana. Her life changed for the better after this and she got to work as a freelance writer for many organizations. In the year 2019, she summed up all her past experience working as a maid and wrote the best selling book which was later made into a Netflix miniseries.


Stephanie Land hails from a middle class family based in Washington. She has not provided much information about her parents. However, she has revealed that she had a car accident when she was 16 and this pushed her into post traumatic stress disorder which troubled her life for many years.

Boyfriend, Relationships

Stephanie Land was in a relationship in her late twenties and had her first daughter with her boyfriend. However, they broke up and she later worked hard as a single mother to raise her daughter and meanwhile completed her graduation. During that time, she had her second daughter.

Stephanie Land is currently married to Tim Faust who also has two children from his previous relationship. The couple now live together with their four children in their Montana home. She also has three pet dogs.

Physical Appearance

Stephanie Land looks very charming. She has a fair complexion and blonde hair. She usually colours it to change her outlook once in a while. Her height is around 5.5 feet and she weighs around 60 kgs. She is not a fitness enthusiast by her own confession and has a busy lifestyle with her four kids.


Stephanie Land started her career in her early 30s by doing odd jobs for survival. She was a single mother at that time and had difficulty surviving on her meagre income. She even depended on government food stamps and other aid. However, she managed to survive for few years by working as a maid in Washington and other regions.

In the year 2014, she managed to get a degree from University of Montana where she did Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing. This gave her confidence to work as a writer and she worked as a freelance writer. She used to write blogs and also wrote articles for local publications.

Apart from that, she also worked for popular web based news publications like HuffPost and Vox. She later became a writing fellow with Center for Community Change. In the year 2019, she wrote the book Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s will to Survive and this book entered the New York Times best seller list. It ranked at the third position in that year.

The book became so famous that even President Barack Obama had the book on his 2019 Sumer Reading List. The book received critical acclaim from all corners and made her very famous across the country. The book was later made into a miniseries on Netflix titled Maid. The 10 episode series was released in 2021 and got good reviews.

\Stephanie Land is currently working on her second book Class and it is expected to release in 2022. The book talks about the cost of higher eduction and other personal experiences of Land from her struggling days.

Net Worth

The net worth of Stephanie Land is around $2 million. She has authored few best sellers in her career and earned a lot of money from publications. Apart from that, she is also associated with leading newspapers and magazines and writes articles for them on a regular basis. She owns a luxury car and a villa in Montana where she stays with her family.

Facts and Information

Stephanie Land had a problematic childhood as she had a car accident when she was young and this led her to post traumatic stress disorder. The condition even impacted her in her late twenties when she was struggling with poverty issues.

During her difficult days, she had to rely on government food stamps and has mentioned in detail about the stigma attached to living in such conditions.

Stephanie has four children now, two of her own and two from her husband’s previous relationship. She is currently enjoying raising them in her Montana home along with a few pet dogs.

She is very vocal about maid service abuse and work issues in the country. Apart from that, she has also criticized the views of the common public towards poor people in general.

The Netflix series Maid which was released in 2021 is based on the book written by Stephanie Land titled Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s will to Survive which was released in 2019.

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