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Tommy Walsh Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Family

Tommy Walsh is a British Television presenter, Gardener and Builder who is mainly known for his Do It Yourself solutions for home building and gardening. He rose to fame with the TV show Ground Force that started in 1997 and went on till 2005. He has unique building skills that helps people to perform different tasks on their own without professional assistance.

Tommy Walsh

Tommy Walsh is also a very good gardener and provides excellent tips to maintain and grow gardens according to the availability of space and resources. Most of his program are in the DIY niche and this is what makes it more appealing for the audience as they get to learn something new from his shows. He has also hosted Tommy’s DIY Survival show.

He is also a renowned celebrity builder and has built villas and gardens for many celebrities across the country. He specializes in every segment of property and helps people to easily build beautiful homes and maintain them with ease. He has also written many books in this category and published them in the last few years.


Tommy Walsh was born on the 18th of December 1956 in South Hackney region of London, UK. Tommy Walsh’s current age is 66 years.

Wiki/ Biography

Tommy Walsh hails from London and started his primary education from Parmiter’s School for a few years. After that, he moved to Grammar School in Bethnel Green. He later started working towards developing his hobby of gardening and building during his free time. In the initial days, he worked as a freelancer for different building and gardening projects.

Tommy got huge fame after he started participating in the TV show Ground Force. This was in 1997 and he has never looked back after this opportunity. The audience were impressed with his skills and his program became very famous within a short duration of time. He later made other programs like Tommy Walsh’s eco House and Tommy’s DIY Survival.

The unique approach of Tommy Walsh in guiding the users about Do It Yourself home improvement and building projects got resounding success. He continued with the Ground Force program for nearly 8 years and later moved to his own shows on different channels. He also published many books in this niche.


Tommy Walsh comes from a middle class family based in London. His parents were working in a private firm and they passed away in recent years. He also has few siblings. However, he has not disclosed much about his family to the media.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Tommy Walsh is married to Marie Walsh and the couple have three cute children. Tommy Walsh’s kids are Charlotte Walsh, Natalie Walsh and Janjo Walsh. He stays with his family in London.

Physical Appearance

Tommy Walsh is very tall and his height is around 6.0 feet. He weighs around 85 kgs. He has short grey hair and maintains a clean shaven face. He is mostly seen in casual clothing in most of his shows and public appearances.


Tommy Walsh started his career as a builder and television presenter with the Ground Force program. This became a huge hit in 1997 and he was later seen in many such programs. He was also part of Space Invaders and Challenge Tommy Walsh in which he explained about interesting projects regarding home improvement and gardening.

There were many programs in his own brand name after he became famous. He hosted Tommy Walsh’s Eco House in which the use of natural light and heat was explained in an easy to understand manner. His practical methods impressed the audience and he became very famous among DIY enthusiasts. He also hosted Trading Places for a brief period.

He was also part of Tommy’s Ultimate Workshop and Tommy’s DIY Survival. The Reclaimers and Fix Your House for Free were huge hits among the audience due to its unique presentation and interesting ideas. He also participated in Celebrity Fit Club and Our House programs. He was also associated with Flip That House with Tommy Walsh.

Tommy associated with big channels like BBC for the program Cowboys and Angels. He did My Life as a DIY Nutter for Channel 5 and other programs like Homes under the Hammer. The Clean It Fix it program was a big hit among the common audience. He was also part of another interesting show Me and my son Greg in 2017. Keeping up with the Walshes is another upcoming show that is all set to be aired in 2022.

Tommy Walsh is also a good writer and he has published many books in his career. He authored Ground Force: Practical Garden Projects in 2000 for BBC Books. He followed it up with Ground Force: Garden Handbook in 2001 along with other authors. In the same year, he also published Tommy Walsh’s DIY Guide for Focus Multimedia which came in the CD format. Apart from that, he also worked on Basics DIY and DIY Survival for Collins in 2022.

In the year 2004, he authored Bathroom DIY, Kitchen DIY, Living Spaces DIY and Outdoor DIY for Collins. This unique collection is still very popular among home improvement enthusiasts as they consider his ideas as good solutions.

Net Worth

The net worth of Tommy Walsh is around $5 million. He has worked as a TV presenter since more than 20 years and also builds high end homes around the country. He charges lot of money for such premium projects. He has many villas as he himself is a builder. Apart from that, he also has a good collection of luxury cars at his villas.

Facts and Information

Tommy Walsh partnered with Charlie Dimmock who worked as Gardener and Alan Titchmarsh who worked as presenter for the Ground Force show. He was assisted by Will Shanahan.

In 2002, Tommy Walsh was diagnosed with breast cancer after he had two lumps in his chest. He has a family history of breast cancer and his sister and aunt had them earlier. However, Tommy successfully recovered from the problem.

He is also an acclaimed celebrity builder and has helped many celebs to improvise their properties. Interestingly, Tommy also has inexpensive DIY solutions for the common man.

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