Why cyber security be your top priority in 2021?

Today there are two worlds – real world in which we believe we live  and the virtual world in which we really live today. Internet has given us a whole new world where we can do almost everything. With the growth of technology our dependency on it is also increasing. You  don’t believe it, don’t worry you will belive it after reading the following certain points


nowadays everyone keeps everything in softcopy. There is hardly anyone who keeps things either in hardcopy or remembers it like-

  • your contact numbers
  • pictures or video
  • documents
  • time tables
  • reminders


gone those days when people used different means of entertainment which doesn’t involved internet. Now for recreation we are using internet like for playing games like ludo, chess, snakes and ladder, pool, cards etc online, and streaming different videos on different platforms.


with the rapid increase and development of technology now approximately every device requires internet connectivity. For eg. Television which used to be internet free because we didn’t need that at that time, now is smart tv, offering internet connectivity to please the todays audience.

Work culture

with the development of internet facilities our work is becoming free of paper. Now everything exists in softcopies. Not only this, now most of the business is being carried online. Work from home is only possible because we have internet.

We can say that we are living in a virtual world or atleast now we can agree that most of our daily chores are internet dependent.

Above said points are merely the tip of iceberg. Internet picked its pace when the world faced COVID-19. In this world epidemic everyone was forced to stay behind the doors. Social distancing and carrying masks became the new normal. It also gave rise to the internet industry as everything came online. Lockdowns and economic drop forced people to look other way. It gave them a new direction or we can say opened the world of internet to them in a new way which they have never given a thought. More and more startups came online.

When internet has become an integeral part and parcel of almost everyone’s life, the question arises that what’s the threat.

Cyber crimes – when the world is developing with and around internet the crime also picked it’s pace. Nowadays cybercrimes are increasing at a rapid rate. Everyone from government to common people, from a big corporate to a sole proprietor everyone is at risk of being a victim to cybercrimes. Identity theft, money laundering, business secrets theft, damage or change of important information, misuse of banking information, personal information and data leakage are some of the common cyber crimes.

To safe ourselves from these cyber crimes, simple antivirus software or simple firewalls are not enough. One should have proper and professional cybersecurity system to safeguard ones precious data.

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting and recovering computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, systems and data from malicious attacks. Cyber security is also known as information technology security. Today each and everything is online, connected to many servers and clouds and user is unaware about the risks he is giving his consent to while clicking the term ” I agree to terms and conditions”.

Some of the points which can enlighten the need of cyber security in today’s world are –

To safeguard ones own interest

to protect one’s own interest from the thieves one should use cybersecurity professionally. One of the most common cybercrime is attacking MNCs and the theft of their business secrets.

To face the competition

cybersecurity is not only to safeguard your interest but it is also a tool to face the competition effectively. Customer tend to link themselves with those companies whose cybersecurity is updated, as they share their personal details with the company.

Increased use of online banking transactions

today is the time o go cashless. Almost every transaction either personal or commercial is being done online. Banking apps are now an integral app of almost every being. Different e-wallets are being used by each and everyone. This increases the risk of exposure of sensitive information and thus we need cybersecurity.

Internet working as blood line

today every institution, financial, commercial, educational, medical is using internet for the flow of data nd information. This exposes them to the threat of cyber crimes. Criminals mainly attack those institutions where financial transactions takes place. Some of these are also attacked for Identity theft.

Different types of cyber threats

some of the common cyber threats are

  • Cyber attack often aimed to gather personal information for some agenda either pollitical or personal.
  • Cyber terrorism is practiced to create fear and panic among the people or to threaten the authorities.
  • Malware is the software created by the criminal to damage the victims computer system mainly via email attachment or unprotected sites.
  • Phishing is when criminals targets the victims based upon the email that looks legit and then asks for the personal information.
  • Man- in- the- middle attack is a type of theft when two parties are conversing or carrying any transaction by intercepting their communication mainly done when unsecured wifi is used.

Above said are some basic cyber threats that we are facing it shows us that how important it is for us to save ourselves from these threats.

Now the question arises what to do..? How can we safe ourselves from this threat?

  • Update your software and operating system from time to time.
  • Use antivirus software
  • Don’t open attachment with email from unknown sender
  • Use strong passwords
  • Avoid using unsecured wifi in public places

These practices can safeguard an individual but when we talk about the institutions these practices aren’t enough. They require more.

Companies or institutions should hire cybersecurity professionals. But hiring an individual or a team isn’t enough as hackers can attack the institution via any means. Every employee is at risk. So we need to impart cybersecurity training to them, so that they can learn skills. This will boost their morale and will add to their profile.

There are many institutions which provide cybersecurity certification. Making your employees cybersecurity experts will definitely has a plus point. 2021 needs everyone to be aware of this cyber threat and be prepared to deal with it.

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