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Xiao Zhan Age, Wiki, Biography, Weight, Hight, Net Worth, Family

Xiao Zhan is a popular actor and singer from China. He is also known as Sean Xiao. He is famous for his participation in the X Fire idol survival show. Apart from that, he is also one of the leading members of the boy group X Nine. He has acted in popular movies and dramas including The Wolf, Untamed, Joy of Life and many others.

Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan is also very famous as a singer and his digital single titled Spotlight set the Guinness World Record for becoming the fastest selling track in the country. The single sold more than 25 million copies within a single day of its release and this is a huge record for any singer in the world. He has also given many stage performances with his team across the world.

He is the brand ambassador of nearly 30 companies in China. He has received numerous awards in his short career and is considered one of the most popular stars of the region. He has endorsed every product ranging from beverages to jewelry. He is also the ambassador for many international sporting events including the Asian Games and Winter Olympics.


Xiao Zhan was born on the 5th of October 1991 in Chongqing region of China. Xiao Zhan’s current age is 31 years.

Wiki | Biography

Xiao Zhan hails from Chongqing region of China. he completed his primary education from Chongqing and later joined Modern International Art Design Academy as he was interested in painting and music. He also studied at Chongqing Technology and Business University. He started working as a photographer in his own studio in 2012.

He continued this profession even after his graduation in 2014 and also ventured into graphic designing business. Xiao Zhan later participated in X Fire in the year 2015. This was followed by his entry into the boy band X Nine in 2016. His digital single titled Spotlight which sold 25 million copies on its debut day finally sold more than 54 million copies and set a new record.

In the same year, he made his acting debut with Super Star Academy which was viewed by more than a billion people on Tencent platform. He was also part of other movies like The Rookies, Monster Hunt 2, Love Millennium 2 and Shuttle. He starred in Oh My Emperor series which garnered more than 3.5 billion views.


Xiao Zhan belongs to a middle class family from China. He worked hard to reach this position with the support of his parents. His father works for a private firm and his mother is a homemaker. However, he has not revealed much information about his family to the media.

Girlfriend, Relationships

Xiao Zhan has maintained complete privacy with regards to his personal life. His relationship status is officially single. However, he has lots of female fans and there are rumours that he is in relationship with a girl who is not from the entertainment industry. However, he has not confirmed anything in this regard to the media.

Physical Appearance

Xiao Zhan is very handsome and still has boyish charm. He was voted as one of the most handsome stars in the country by many popular magazines. He has a slim outlook and weighs around 65 kgs. His height is around 5.8 feet. He has a fair complexion and short black hair.


Xiao started his acting career with TV series Super Star Academy. Apart from that, he is also famous for his web drama Oh My Emperor. He was seen in both season 1 and 2. In the year 2019, he starred in The Untamed which got over 10 billion views and made him a huge star. It was even available on Netflix.

In 2019, he was also part of Jade Dynasty and The Oath of Love. Jade Dynasty became the top grosser in Thailand and China. Xiao later established his own studio XZ Studio and had association with Wajijiwa Entertainment. Yet another popular series of Xiao is The Wolf which got a record 500 million views within 11 days on a single platform.

In 2021, he was part of Douluo Continent which got more than 5.7 billion views. He was later seen in The Longest Promise and Ace Troops. In 2022, he was seen in The Oath of Love which garnered more than 4 billion views.

Xiao is also a good singer and he became the lead singer of X Nine in 2016 after his stint with X Fire survival show. Interestingly, Xiao started singing for some of his dramas and this set a unique trend. He has endorsed several brands including Gucci, Zenith, Pepsi, Loreal, Dove Chocolate, Tencent video and others.

Net Worth

The net worth of Xiao Zhan is around $20 million. He is one of the top actors and singers in China and has millions of fans. Some of his series have garnered billions of views and he has endorsed more than 30 top brands in the country. He also does stage performance and earns lot of money from different sources. He owns several cars and villas in China.

Facts and Information

Xiao Zhan is multi talented and he had a photography studio for few years before he made his debut into the entertainment industry. He had started this firm with his friends and he was the main photographer and graphic designer in the firm.

He has endorsed more than 30 top brands in the country and many international companies have chosen him as the brand ambassador for their products. He is highly paid for such endorsements and earns lot of money from such promotions.

He has received nearly 40 awards in his career. Some of the top awards include Tencent Video Star Awards, Weibo TV Series Awards, Sofa Film Festival Awards, Golden Tower Award, Kogou Music Awards and others.

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